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If you are going crazy with all the cables in the house, a cable duct could be the solution. It is less intrusive that getting rid of a wall and is done relatively quickly. A professional will fix the gutter neatly to the wall or along the ceiling and pull the cables through. Need help? Then make an appointment with an electrician in your area.

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Place a cable duct

Cable trays come in many different shapes and sizes. If you think of private use, then you have the standard models that are on sale at home improvement centres. These cable ducts are simply screwed under your desk and then you hide all the cables in them that you would otherwise lay on the floor. This cable tray gives a tidy feeling, because all the cables are no longer in sight. Other types of cable trays that you use at home are the ones with an adhesive strip on the back. These cable trays are often equipped with a click system which makes them easy to use. This type of cable tray is particularly useful for electricity wires that come from outside the wall to the inside. In this way, you do not have to look at a wire, but it is nicely concealed and usually almost invisible.  

What do you use cable ducts for?

In addition to cable trays used at home, there are also cable trays that are mainly used for commercial purposes. The two best known types are the RVS variant, which is generally mounted on the ceiling, and the wall channel, which often also contains socket outlets and UTP connections. These cable trays not only ensure that the working environment looks neat and pleasant. They also have a practical function. They prevent a jumble of cables, of which you no longer know which cable comes from where. In addition, this cable tray also offers protection for the cable, as they are suspended high in the air. Here, the cable will not break easily and they are also protected against any moisture that may be present in the environment.  

Whether you need a cable tray for your home or business, Zoofy will quickly find the right electrician for your job. For the simple installation of a cable tray the professional will come to you directly to finish the job. For the installation of a commercial cable tray the professional will first visit you to assess the situation. These solutions are often custom-made and therefore specific materials must be ordered for each job.  

How it works

Enter your postcode on Zoofy and you will immediately see the rates. The hourly rate on the website includes VAT and there are no call-out charges. So you always know where you stand. Via Zoofy you can always see who will visit you. You will receive an email with the name and company name, then you can see the reviews of the professional on our website. This way you always know that the work done at your place is done by a good professional.  

Paying through Zoofy can be done in different ways. You can always pay in cash and often the tradesmen have a pin device at their disposal. Is that not the case? Don't worry, you can always pay afterwards via the invoice we send you by email. For questions or remarks you can always speak to one of our employees. You can reach us in different ways, namely by phone, e-mail and Whatsapp. Hopefully one of our electricians can help you with your job soon!

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