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An adaptation is often required for the connection of an electric or induction cooker. The current socket may need to be replaced by a perilex connection. Or maybe an extra group needs to be placed. Make an appointment with an electrician in your area.

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Connecting a hob via Zoofy

More and more households are being disconnected from gas. This also means that, slowly but surely, everyone is switching to electric cooking. So an electric hob is becoming increasingly popular. However, there are many different choices when it comes to electric cooking, so making a choice is not easy. 

More and more households are being cut off from gas. That also means everyone is slowly but surely switching to electric cooking. So an electric cooktop is becoming increasingly popular. However, there are many different choices when it comes to electric cooking so making this choice is not easy. All the different ways are briefly explained below:  

Connecting an electric cooktop

This way of cooking is easy to operate and easy to keep clean, however, it is offset by the fact that these plates have a very high power grease consumption. It also takes a while for the plate to heat up and it also stays hot for a very long time after cooking.  

Connecting a ceramic cooktop

The only advantage to this cooktop is that it is easy to keep clean. It takes a long time to heat up and it stays hot for a long time, in addition, this way of cooking also costs a lot of electricity. Another disadvantage is that hot liquids coming from cooking can burn into the glass, damaging it. Partly for these reasons, this way of cooking is not often used.  

Halogen cooktop connection

In purchase, this is the cheapest option of the four, however, they also break down relatively often due to wear and tear. The ease of use is less than a gas cooktop, but then again more than ceramic cooking. The plate gets hottest of all the plates so that can be an advantage, but again poses a danger.  

Connecting induction cooktop

This is the most common way of cooking because of its many advantages. It heats up quickly and cools down quickly, in addition it uses 20% less electricity than the other options. The only disadvantages associated with it have to do with the pans. Not all pans are suitable for this way of cooking because this way of cooking works on magnetism.

Connecting an induction cooktop costs

Curious about the cost of connecting an induction cooktop. Our professionals charge a fixed price of €89,- for installing an induction cooktop. Simply book a professional through Zoofy who will come and connect the hob at your convenience. Does the induction cooktop need to be connected urgently? Then choose for the emergency service and Zoofy can arrange a professional within 20 minutes who can be on site the same day. 

Type of phases for the cooktop 

When a cooktop is connected it needs to come on a special connection namely: 1 phase, 2 phase or 3 phase connection. Of these, the 1 phase connection is the least used. The other two options are the most popular. The difference in this is in the power supply. For a 2 phase connection, no special power cable needs to be laid, for a 3 phase connection this is necessary. This is because a 3-phase connection works with power current and therefore has a special plug called a perilex plug. For this plug a separate cable must be drawn from the meter box to ensure that this connection always receives sufficient power without the group shutting down.

Easily arrange your professional with zoofy

Whether you want to install a 1, 2 or 3 phase connection, Zoofy is the place to go. Through our site you can easily book an electrician who can be at your doorstep tomorrow or at any other time. Enter your zip code on the website and you will immediately see the hourly rates charged to your area. The prices include VAT and we do not charge call-out fees, so you know immediately where you stand.  

Payment is also very simple via Zoofy. Whether you want to pay via iDeal or Tikkie, everything is possible. The professionals on our site can be found with reviews on the overview page, so you always know who will help you. Not quite there or do you have other questions? You can reach us daily via email, phone or Whatsapp!




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