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Safety switch

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An earth leakage switch, safety switch, ensures that you can use several devices at the same time in the house without overloading and stopping. It is not advisable to do things yourself in the meter cupboard. Always make an appointment with an electrician in the neighborhood who will help you.

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Install a safety switch

Does having to repair things in your meter box also cause short circuits? We understand that. That is why you can read all about connecting an RCCB and buying an RCCB here. And let us give you some advice at the same time: call in a qualified electrician! Before you know it, you'll have your fingers in the electricity and your whole life will be on high voltage. Our experienced electricians know the tricks of the trade and will have such a job for you in no time. This way, you can relax and enjoy a job well done for years to come. So, turn that switch on immediately. Are you curious about what's involved or do you want to know how much it costs?

What is an earth leakage switch

A residual current switch is actually located in each group cupboard and can be connected to up to four groups. The task of the earth leakage switch is actually very simple: the earth leakage switch ensures that the components that are connected to this earth leakage switch, can be de-energised. This happens when the earth leakage switch notices that there is leakage current. Leakage current is current which leaves the installation via another route than intended. Power that literally leaks away. That is of course very dangerous and that is why there is a earth leakage switch! Connecting an earth leakage switch is therefore very important, and nowadays one is obliged to place an earth leakage switch in each meter cupboard. Per earth leakage switch, a maximum of four groups may be connected and the groups must be equally distributed over the switches within a meter cupboard.

When do you have to replace a earth leakage switch?

You can test the functioning of the earth leakage switch yourself. It is important to do this regularly, especially now that you know that the RCCB protects your groups against leakage current! Each RCCB has its own text button. This is super easy to find: it is a button with the letter T on it. When you want to test, you first have to switch off all the power. When you then press the test button, the RCCB should be switched off. If the RCCB does not switch off, then something is wrong. In that case, it is best to call in the help of an installer or one of our electricians. The switch is probably defective then and it is important to replace the earth leakage switch. An inspection can also show that you need to replace the earth leakage switch. For example, it does not switch off at the right values but rather too quickly or too late. You can buy a new RCD in many places but you will have to have someone come to install it.

How does replacing an earth leakage switch work?

First of all, it is important to know what type of switch you have in your meter cupboard when you connect an RCCB. Are you not very handy at these things? It doesn't matter! We list the different types for you.

You have a single-phase distribution box:

- Two wires come out of the distribution box.
- There is 220/230V on the meter.

You have a 3-phase distribution board if:

- Four wires come out of your distribution box.
- There is 3x220/230V or 380/400V on the meter.

If you have a 1-phase distribution board, you must buy a 2-pole earth leakage switch. When you have a 3-phase group cupboard, you must buy a 4-pole earth leakage switch. Can't quite work it out? It doesn't matter! Our electricians will help you with this too! Together with you, they look at which earth leakage switch to install. This way, you don't have to root around in that field of tension yourself.

Once you have bought a new switch, it is time to call in help to install the earth leakage switch. It is good to have the following information in mind:

- The number of phases in the group cupboard.
- The place where the earth leakage switch must come.
- Whether there is enough room in the meter cupboard.
- Which tools you must have at home for this (wires and electricity).

Do not go and connect the earth leakage switch yourself if you have no knowledge of this. Placing the earth leakage switch is really a job that you should leave to a certified electrician.

Costs of replacing the earth leakage switch

The price of replacing the earth leakage switch depends on a number of things: the brand of the earth leakage switch itself, the hourly rate of the electrician and, not unimportantly, any other jobs that need to be carried out in the meter cupboard. You can read more about that below. But first things first: the prices of the earth leakage switch.


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