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A heavy electric oven often requires power flow. This means that a perilex connection must be made. Sometimes an extra group must also be placed. Describe the situation and make an appointment with an electrician who comes to help.

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Electric oven installation via Zoofy

Connecting an electric oven can sometimes be easy. If you buy a cooker with a single oven and you cook on gas, then in most cases a normal wall socket will suffice. Calling in a professional is then usually not necessary. Bear in mind that the oven should be connected to a separate group, just to be sure. Do not connect it to the same wall socket as the dishwasher. This prevents the electricity in your home from being overloaded, which would result in a fuse blowing and the power supply failing.

 electric oven

Have the electric oven connected by Zoofy

When you have purchased an oven in combination with an electric or induction hob, the right connection is required. A professional electrician can help. Such a combination cannot be connected to a normal wall socket. The appliances are simply too heavy for that. A 3-phase connection is required. A perilex socket often has to be made. This is suitable for three-phase current. It is a relatively easy job for a professional to make such a connection. Click here to see the costs for installing an oven.

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When buying a new oven, it is always advisable to check the description. The description clearly states what kind of connection is needed. 

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