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A permanent smoke detector connects you to existing electricity. You never have to replace batteries and you know for certain that the device will continue to work. Make an appointment with a craftsman in the neighborhood who knows where you can best fit the smoke detector.

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Have your smoke alarm installed via Zoofy

You book via Zoofy easily a professional who can install your smoke alarm or detector. Smoke detectors are important in every home! This is because a small fire can spread around and grow into a large fire within minutes.  With a few good smoke detectors in the right places in your home, you have a 100% better chance of surviving a house fire.  In fact, smoke detectors alert you to a fire at lightning speed, alerting you even when you are sleeping. A small amount of smoke, which you yourself will not easily smell, is enough for a smoke detector to go off loudly. 

Smoke detectors installed via Zoofy

You can easily have smoke detectors installed through Zoofy. Our electricians come to you from as little as 69,- per hour and there are no call-out charges. By entering your zip code you can immediately see which electricians are active in your area. The electricians have all been extensively screened by Zoofy and you can also find reviews of the professionals. These reviews are given by customers as a result of previous work. We have the best electricians with five stars!!! Need smoke detectors installed right away? Then we can also place an urgent job and then the smoke detectors will be installed the same day! No hassle with quotations, immediately a reliable professional. After performing the job, Zoofy sends an invoice to the email address you provide. You can easily pay this via Tikkie or iDeal.

Where should or should not smoke detectors be attached?

On the ceiling of any room where bedrooms open up, such as a landing, hallway or corridor.
The stairwell also provides a good place to attach a smoke detector
In the bedrooms themselves
Also place a smoke detector near possible fires
NOT in the kitchen; it may go off too quickly while cooking. Of course it is important to place a smoke detector close to the kitchen
NOT in the bathroom, above a heater or near an air vent

Some tips after mounting the smoke detector:

Dust the smoke detectors occasionally to keep them clean
Replace the batteries twice a year
Test the detector by using the test button on the detector. When you press it then a signal sounds.

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