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In some places in and outside the house it is useful if lights automatically turn on when it gets dark. Sometimes there is more to it than you think. For example, placing a transformer or pulling cables. Describe your job and make an appointment with an electrician in the neighborhood.

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Light sensor placement

Do you want the lights to turn on automatically? Then you need a light sensor. On our website you can quickly and easily arrange an appointment with an electrician.

A light sensor can be used both inside and outside the house. If it is dark in the morning or evening and you have a sensor it is safer for you, because you can see where you are walking. But unwanted people who are not supposed to be on your property cannot go about their business unseen because the light comes on.

A light sensor has a number of advantages. With a sensor you save power when you come home in the dark. The lamp then does not have to be on all evening. The sensor can make the lamp turn on when you arrive at your door. As mentioned earlier, it is also a means of deterring burglars. They are startled by the light coming on when they walk through the area that the sensor registers. What you need to pay attention to then is that the sensor has a good range. If it doesn't, the light may turn on too late. Our electrician can help by setting the light sensor to work perfectly. Most light sensors have similar techniques, Although there are differences in them. For example, there is also a twilight sensor that turns on in the afternoon and stays on during the night. If there is sunlight again, the lamp goes off. A sensor has advantages that ensure that you can save energy and make your home a little safer. A disadvantage could be that the lamp can also go on when, for example, the neighbor's cat walks in front of the sensor.

Indoors, a light sensor is used most often in a pantry or toilet. These are areas where the light does not need to be on for long. A sensor in the house is often placed on the ceiling. In this way the sensor has a range within the entire room.

Our electrician can place and install a light sensor in your house. This way you can make good use of the advantages of a light sensor.

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