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If your old fusebox has too few groups so that you can not connect enough appliances in the house, the cabinet needs to be replaced. This is a job that you can better leave to an expert. Describe what your wishes are and make an appointment with an electrician in the neighborhood.

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Placing / replacing a distribution board

In older houses it often happens. A distribution board needs to be added or replaced. A distribution board is also sometimes called a fuse box. Have you just become the owner of an old house with a very outdated distribution board? Then always have it inspected. Unsafe situations arise from poor maintenance, poor installation, overloading or outdated equipment. You don't want a short circuit or a fire. That is why you should always install a fire alarm. If your distribution board needs to be replaced, you can prepare many things yourself, which in turn saves on the hourly rate of your professional.

To begin with: What is the difference between a meter cupboard and a group cupboard? The meter cupboard consists of five zones. In the meter cupboard all the utility lines come in. Per utility company there is a consumption meter. One of the five zones is electricity, there hangs the meter and also the distribution board. The group box distributes power to the various appliances in the house. Each group is responsible for power in a certain area of the house. Per group, it should always be clear which electricity points belong to that group. Make sure that this is visible in a nice diagram on the group box.

Is that beautiful old house of yours from before 1976? Then it is advisable to check whether there is a residual current switch for the bedroom and living room. The switch can be found between the electricity meter and the distribution board. Is there no earth leakage switch present or very outdated? Then it is advisable to have it checked or installed by a qualified professional.

Replace the distribution board

Back to the meter cupboard. Replacing the fuse box with the modern group box can be necessary when there is an expansion of electrical appliances in the home. The addition of a ceramic hob, solar panels, a (combi) oven, washing machine or dryer are also often reasons for replacement. So how do you do this easily and at the same time keep the costs as low as possible?


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