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With a hotel switch you can, for example, switch on and off a lamp at various locations in the home or office. Often such a switch is used in a staircase or in the corridor. Describe your job and make an appointment with an electrician who comes to help.

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What is a hotel switch

A hotel switch is used for a lamp that you want to be able to turn on and off from different points. Often these switches are used in hallways in a hotel. Hence the name hotel switch.

A hotel switch is for example useful to have in your house on a landing. If you are downstairs then you can turn on the lamp. If you are upstairs you can switch the lights off again. It is important that there is already a switch in the hallway and landing. If not, the electrician will first have to install a new electrical point.

Connecting a light switch?

Installing an extra electrical point is a job you probably want to leave to an electrician. When it comes to electricity you don't want to fiddle around with it yourself. An electrician is very knowledgeable and can easily install a hotel switch. Don't start if you don't know a thing about electricity. Do you decide to do it yourself? Then don't forget to disconnect the power before you start making the hotel switch. Always check if there is voltage on the wires. Safety is the number one priority here. Not sure about the job? Always ask someone who knows about it to take a look.


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