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Pull (electric) cables through

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Sometimes it is necessary to pull power cables from the fuse box through the wall to another room. For example because an additional device must be connected. With a special tension spring this is often quickly arranged. Make an appointment with an electrician in your area.

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Electric cable through the floor levels

You finally have room for that home cinema. The screen is on order, the family pack of sweetened popcorn is ready and the beamer is staring at you; brand new fresh out of the box. One problem, the electricity connection is not yet in place. An internet connection would also be handy so you can finally Netflix on a big screen. And then you want all your audio cables neatly tucked away so your subwoofers look their best. You have two left hands and you are really right, what now? Have your cable pulled by Zoofy.

Drawing different kinds of cables

With Zoofy you can easily and quickly make an appointment with an electrician who can pull and route cables for electricity, internet, audio and television. The professionals from Zoofy do the job in a neat, professional and affordable way and help you until everything is to your satisfaction. Because you are always helped by a professional in your neighbourhood, you don't pay any call-out charges. And because VAT is already included in the rates on the website, you will never be faced with financial surprises. 


Drawing cables yourself 

Have you tried to pull a cable yourself and it broke? This is very annoying because they often get stuck straight away or you can no longer reach the cable. A professional has special tools for this, so that they can get the cable out in no time. It is even better to outsource the job to an electrician in advance. He can, for example, use a quill to pull the cable through very quickly. This saves you a cable and the electrician can finish the job in no time!

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Authorised electricians in your area 

When you enter your postcode on the page, you can immediately see which electricians are in your area. You can also see the hourly rate for which the professional can come to you. Do you opt for an urgent job? Then we will make sure that someone comes to you today and you have an appointment within twenty minutes. Of course you can also make an appointment for tomorrow or another day. Zoofy only works with professionals who are screened in advance for their skills and reliability. Moreover, through the reviews you can see how other customers have rated the professionals. This way you can be sure that the tradesman who comes to help you delivers quality and completes the job properly. Each professional has a photo on the website. So you always know in advance who is coming to help you. Nice to know!

Easy payment with iDeal 

When the tradesman has finished the job to your satisfaction, you can choose to pay directly or via digital invoice. All our craftsmen allow you to pay in cash. Most of them have a mobile pin device with them, so that you can even pay the invoice amount from the comfort of your couch. If you do not want to pay directly, that is no problem. In the e-mail that you receive after the job, you will find both the invoice and the option to pay via iDeal.

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