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A fault in the intercom system can have various causes. Often there is a faulty cable or simply a small piece is broken. A repair requires knowledge and experience. Make an appointment with an electrician in the neighborhood.

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Intercom repair

Problems with the door intercom and need to have it replaced 

Either you don't hear anything through the speaker anymore, or the person downstairs doesn't hear you again. The door can no longer be opened remotely... All common problems with an intercom, which our electricians will quickly solve. The problem on the intercom is detected and repaired as soon as possible. First, the problem to your intercom will be diagnosed. Is it in the unit downstairs by the bell? Or is it only local to your home?  

Intercom repair and parts

Next, we'll look at exactly what's wrong. Is there a short circuit? Is something mechanically broken, preventing the door from being pulled open or made to open?
There are many different types of intercoms, so keep in mind that most electricians do not have the right parts for your intercom in stock.  
In 95% of the cases the problem is solved within a week. If it is more expensive to repair than to replace the intercom, the electrician will indicate this and give you advice on an alternative.

We often repair intercoms that are part of a VVE. The VVE may then also end up footing the bill for the repair. Especially if it is the intercom unit at the front door, you do not have to pay the bill yourself. Always discuss this within the VVE.

Intercom repair through Zoofy

Arrange for a handyman to come and repair the intercom without any hassle. Place a job request for intercom repair within 30 seconds and quickly get in touch with one of our electricians. We have a nationwide network of electricians who perform video doorbell repairs all over the country. This means that there are always local professionals who respond and you don't have to pay any call-out charges. 

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