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Charging station at home

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Have your charging station installed

More and more people are opting for an electric car. This is not surprising! An electric car emits up to 40% less CO2 and is therefore the ideal alternative if you care about the environment. Moreover, by driving electric you save a lot of money. If you want to buy an electric car, consider installing a charging station at home, because a home charging station has many advantages. Would you like to know more about the costs and benefits of a home charging station? We give you the info you need!

Installing a charging station? It's a good idea!

There are several reasons for having a charging station installed at home. After all, having your own charging station has a lot of advantages. Are you curious to know what they are? We give you an overview below!

Saving time

A big advantage of having a charging station at home is that you will never lose time again. You don't have to be stressed about getting to work on time, because you will no longer lose time in a gas station. The charging station installation is just in front of your door. This allows you to plug in your car in the evening after work. So you can leave for work in the morning without any worries!

Extra cheap charging

If you have a charging station installation at your home, you will benefit greatly from it. Even more so if you have solar panels, because then you can use the energy generated by the sun. The difference on your final bill will be huge!

Safer charging

Some electric cars can be charged from a wall socket, but charging from a charging station is much safer. If you charge your car using a charging station, there is no risk of fire. Moreover, charging is much faster.

Power at the right time

Nowadays, charging stations can be made smart. This means that you can let them communicate with your car and home. In this way you can indicate when your charging station sends power to the car. You can then monitor consumption, so that you can save even more!

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