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Hiring electrician on an hourly rate basis


Are you looking for an electrician to use for various jobs in your home? Book a professional quickly and easily via Zoofy for a fixed hourly rate. This means you will never face any surprises.

Find an electrician you can trust

Solving your electrical problem has never been easier. Trust a professional electrician who knows how to get the job done.

Features section:

Lightning-fast booking process

The process of finding a professional is made easy by our advanced algorithm that pairs you with the best possible professional for you within minutes - usually within 20 minutes. 

Only verified professionals!

We match our professionals based on qualifications, experience and reviews, so you can be sure they are qualified for the task at hand and have received good feedback from previous clients.

Jobs to hire an electrician by the hour

Routing electrical cables
Install additional group
Repair / install intercom
Install cable duct
Installing power current
Charging post at home
Install pull switch

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