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For example, you use a pull switch when the washing machine is in the bathroom. It is a safe way to connect a device in a damp room. Make an appointment with an electrician in the neighborhood who will do it quickly for you.

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Mounting a pull switch

Some houses have a pull switch to which appliances are connected. This switch is usually located in the bathroom or in the attic. A pull switch is a switch that can be operated by means of a string. When you pull the cord, the switch is switched. Pull switches are used to operate lamps, but they are also used with washing machines. You can then use the cord to turn the washing machine on or off. The purpose of connecting a pull switch is to avoid overloading the group, so that no short-circuiting can occur when you are not using the appliance.

Pull switch washing machine

If your washing machine is in the bathroom, the connection runs via a pull switch. If you connect this yourself, your machine's warranty may be void. For this reason, we always recommend calling in an electrician. Electricity in the bathroom remains a dangerous thing. You don't want to mess with it. A pull switch is mandatory if you have your washing machine in the bathroom. Even if the group is not behind a 30 mA earth leakage switch, a pull switch is compulsory. If you want to connect your washing machine and dryer in the bathroom, use a double switch.

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