Electrician in Eindhoven?

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Electrician in Eindhoven?

If you are looking for an electrician in Eindhoven, then you have come to the right place at the handyman platform Zoofy! There are no fewer than 150+ electricians available who are ready to help you with all your electrical jobs. Whether you need an extra socket, need to resolve a fault or need to replace your entire electrical system, there is always an electrician in Eindhoven available to carry out all your electrician jobs professionally and efficiently.

150+ electricians in Eindhoven available for you

The electricians in Eindhoven with whom Zoofy works are carefully selected, reliable and professional electricians. All electricians have extensive experience in the field of electricity. Don't worry about equipment or materials for the electrical job, the electricians have the right elements so they can help you professionally with any electrical installation.

Once the job has been completed, the electrician will create an invoice for you via the Zoofy app and you can pay it easily and quickly via the QR code or online via iDeal. Do you use the Zoofy app? Then all your jobs can be viewed easily and clearly in the Zoofy app.

How much does an Electrician cost in Eindhoven?

Curious about the costs for an electrician in Eindhoven. Our rates are based on the averages asked by electricians in the Eindhoven region. This brings the normal rate for an electrician in Eindhoven to 69 euros incl. VAT. There is a surcharge for an emergency job (same day or tomorrow) or an appointment during the weekend or evening. The hourly rate includes a number of fixed costs for the professional. At Zoofy you do not pay any call-out fees. More and more electrician jobs also have a fixed price. This way you know immediately where you stand. Also check out our price guides.

We help both companies and private individuals through our website. Based on your zip code, we show the rates charged by a professional electrician in the Eindhoven area. These are often hourly rates. But a fixed price is sometimes charged for all kinds of jobs. Through our years of experience, we know that our customers greatly appreciate transparency.

More and more electrician Eindhoven jobs have fixed prices

In addition to transparency, customer satisfaction is our top priority. More and more electrician jobs also have a fixed price. For the exact electrician prices, schedule your job and select one or more dates. Once you have chosen a date you will see the prices. Is your job not listed? Then select electrician per hour.

Electrician Rates Eindhoven Rates incl. VAT
Electrician hourly from €69/h
Same-day Service from €90/h
ServiceFee from €24,95
Optional Warranty from €4,95

Top 5 klussen elektriciens in Eindhoven

When it comes to electrical jobs in Eindhoven, there are numerous situations in which you need the help of a professional electrician. Below we have listed the top five electrical jobs in Eindhoven for you, where it is always wise to hire an electrician:

  1. Electrician per hour: Do you need flexible electrical support? Our experienced electricians are ready to tackle your electrical problems, whether it concerns installation, repair or advice. 

  2. Connect or replace electrical appliance: From new gadgets to household appliances, our electricians ensure a safe and efficient connection or replacement. Enjoy your technological comforts again soon!

  3. Connect the cooking hob: Go for gastronomic convenience with a professional hob connection. Our experts ensure accurate installation, so you can cook worry-free.

  4. Connecting a Perilex plug:
    A Perilex connection is essential for demanding electrical appliances such as induction hobs. Let our professionals help you with a safe and correct installation. 

  5. Troubleshooting a short circuit:  A short circuit can be a serious concern, but don't worry, our electricians are standing by to quickly find the cause and fix it safely. Your peace of mind is our priority! 

Whether it concerns a large or small job, hiring a professional electrician in Eindhoven is always sensible and quickly arranged via Zoofy. Leave your electrical jobs with confidence to our skilled electricians in Eindhoven. At Zoofy, we understand the importance of safety and efficiency in electrical work, and we're here to help. Choose your desired service and enjoy hassle-free electrical solutions in Eindhoven! 💡🔌

Soorten Elektricien klussen in Eindhoven

Elektricien klussen kan variëren van klein onderhoud tot grootschalige projecten. Hier zijn enkele veelvoorkomende elektricien klussen die elektriciens in Eindhoven uitvoeren:

1. Stopcontacten en Schakelaars

Het vervangen of repareren van stopcontacten en schakelaars is een veelvoorkomende klus. Verouderde stopcontacten kunnen gevaarlijk zijn, dus het is belangrijk om ze regelmatig te laten controleren en indien nodig te vervangen door een elektricien in Eindhoven.

2. Verlichting Installatie en Reparatie

Of je nu nieuwe verlichting wilt installeren, jouw huidige verlichting wilt upgraden naar energiezuinige LED's of problemen heeft met knipperende lampen, een elektricien in Eindhoven kan je helpen bij al jouw verlichtingsbehoeften.

3. Elektrische Paneel Upgrade

Als jouw huis een verouderd elektrisch paneel heeft, kan het tijd zijn voor een upgrade. Dit is vooral belangrijk als je van plan bent om nieuwe apparaten toe te voegen of uw huis te renoveren. Een Elektricien in Eindhoven heeft de juiste kennis en tools om jouw paneel te vernieuwen.

4. Elektrische Inspecties en Onderhoud

Periodieke elektrische inspecties door een elektricien in Eindhoven zijn essentieel om ervoor te zorgen dat uw elektrische systemen veilig en up-to-date zijn. Elektriciens in Eindhoven kunnen ook onderhoud uitvoeren om problemen te voorkomen voordat ze zich voordoen.

5. Elektrische Renovaties

Bij het renoveren van jouw huis is elektrisch werk vaak nodig. Dit omvat het verplaatsen van stopcontacten, het toevoegen van nieuwe circuits en het upgraden van bedrading om aan de moderne eisen te voldoen. Een elektricien in Eindhoven kan je helpen bij al jouw elektrische renovaties.

6. Noodreparaties

Soms doen zich onverwachte elektrische noodsituaties voor, zoals kortsluitingen of stroomstoringen. In dergelijke gevallen is het essentieel om snel een elektricien in Eindhoven te hebben om het probleem op te lossen. Dan wil je natuurlijk geen gedoe met vele belletjes. Bij zoofy weet je binnen 20 tot 60 minuten  of er een vakman beschikbaar is.

Electrician emergency Eindhoven - SameDay Service

Are you faced with an emergency situation where you immediately need the help of a reliable and professional electrician in Eindhoven? Zoofy offers the fastest solution for booking an emergency electrician in Eindhoven. Whether it concerns a power outage, short circuit or other urgent electrical fault, Zoofy is ready to help you. You can quickly and easily submit a request for the same day via the Zoofy website or app and you will immediately see the corresponding rate. This way you will never be faced with any surprises.

But how fast exactly is Zoofy? Our statistics show that no less than 73% of requests for emergency jobs in Eindhoven are matched to an available electrician within 20 minutes. This means that you will be helped with your electrical emergency in no time. All you have to do is open the Zoofy website or app, enter your location in Eindhoven and select the type of electrical job for which you need an electrician urgently. Zoofy does the rest.

How Zoofy.nl can help you with an electrician in Eindhoven

Now that you understand which electrical jobs you may encounter in Eindhoven and its surrounding villages, you may be wondering how you can find an electrician quickly and reliably. Zoofy.nl is your answer.

Zoofy.nl is an online platform that makes it easy to find and book professionals, including electricians. Here are some benefits of using Zoofy.nl:

  • Speed: Via Zoofy.nl you can find and book an electrician within a few minutes. No hassle with long telephone conversations or waiting for quotes.

  • Reliability: All professionals on Zoofy.nl have been screened and verified, so you can rely on the quality of their work.

  • Transparency: You get immediate insight into the rates of different electricians, so you can choose what best suits your budget.

  • Convenience: With Zoofy.nl you can book electricians at a time that suits you best, 24/7.

  • Guarantee: Zoofy.nl offers a satisfaction guarantee, so you can have your electrician work carried out with peace of mind.

You can book an electrician Eindhoven quickly and safely via Zoofy

Whether you live in the bustling center of Eindhoven, in a historic house in Nuenen or in a modern apartment in Strijp, electrician work is inevitable. Finding a reliable professional is essential to ensure your electrical systems operate safely and efficiently.

Zoofy.nl is ready to help you with all your electrical needs in Eindhoven and the surrounding area. With a wide range of qualified electricians and a simple booking process, Zoofy.nl is your partner for all your electrician work.

Don't wait for an electrical problem to occur. Visit Zoofy.nl now and book an electrician in Eindhoven today. We are ready to meet your electrical challenges, no matter where you are in this beautiful city. Your satisfaction and safety are our priority.

Simple and secure invoicing after completing the work

When the job has been completed to your satisfaction, the electrician will draw up the invoice for you on site. You can pay this per QR code or online via iDeal. Very simple, fast but above all safe.

Suppose you are not completely satisfied, then we will take action. We will then look for a solution for you. We usually ask the electrician to visit you again to solve the problem so that you are still satisfied.

View one of the many electrician jobs:

Install a fuse box
Install lighting
Pull a cable
Check out the top 9 best electricians in Eindhoven

5/5 - 1 reviews

Klus Service Eindhoven Robert van Gerwen electrician

5/5 - 1 reviews

1 jobs completed
Ja, klus geklaard, was er binnen een uur. Vriendelijk en behulpzaam.

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4.67/5 - 3 reviews

Bogaerts Elektra Beheer Carlos Bogaerts electrician

4.67/5 - 3 reviews

3 jobs completed
De klus is geklaard en van goed advies voorzien, fijne ervaring

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5/5 - 3 reviews

Absoluut Goed Ferry Bakker electrician

5/5 - 3 reviews

3 jobs completed
Alles is naar wens uitgevoerd. Blij mee.. Fijn persoon. Een mogelijke volgende keer zal ik zeker naar Ferry vragen. Groet, Leo Schuurmans.

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4.67/5 - 3 reviews

DeMercado Klusbedrijf Delon DeMercado electrician

4.67/5 - 3 reviews

3 jobs completed
Hele nette vriendelijke man die goed bereikbaar was en zich aan de afspraken heeft gehouden.

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5/5 - 1 reviews

Klerks Elektrotechniek Dwayne Klerks electrician

5/5 - 1 reviews

1 jobs completed
switch , light sensor , led-lighting
Dwayne kwam binnen om de klus te inventariseren, maar omdat het niet ingewikkeld was bood hij aan om meteen aan de slag te gaan. Hij beantwoordde geduldig al mijn vragen en samen puzzelden we de plafondventilator in elkaar. Dwayne werkte snel en degelijk.

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Do you need urgent help because you are without power? Don't worry, an electrician in Eindhoven can be booked quickly, even in case of emergency. Via Zoofy you can quickly, easily and safely arrange a professional electrician for all your electrical jobs.

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