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Install 3 phase group box
168 requests made
From €65 per hour incl. vat
Based on prices of 2615 electricians in your area
Earth/Ground Outlet
432 requests made
From €65 per hour incl. vat
Based on prices of 3583 electricians in your area
Safety switch
276 requests made
From €65 incl. vat
Based on prices of 3226 electricians in your area
Repair earth/ground outlet
624 requests made
From €65 per hour incl. vat
Based on prices of 3224 electricians in your area
Alarm installation
From €65 per hour incl. vat
Based on prices of 3666 electricians in your area
Lighting fixture installation
132 requests made
From €65 per hour incl. vat
Based on prices of 3694 electricians in your area
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When you say Rotterdam, you actually mean your own district. Pernis, or Botlek, Rivium, Kralingen or Hoogvliet. Rotterdam is big and we deliver electricians all over Rotterdam who can help you quickly with a solution for your electricity problem. The municipality of Rotterdam is large. Our electricians are also available to help you in all neighbourhoods of Rotterdam. In Cool, Dijkzigt and Delfshaven. In Middelland and Agniesebuurt. Wherever you live, it will be fixed in no time.

Our electricians are also ready for you in case of emergency. Thanks to our quick service, we can often help you the same day, so that your electrician problems are solved as quickly as possible. So whether it's a short circuit, a fuse that keeps blowing or another power failure in your home, our electricians will be happy to help. For less urgent jobs such as installing electricity, hanging a lamp, devising a lighting plan, connecting a cooker or perilex plug or other electrical installations, you can schedule an appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the time that suits you best. A connected electrician or electrical installation company will then come and help you whenever you want. He will ensure that you are always kept well informed.

Affortable electricians in Rotterdam

Are you looking for a affortable electrician in Rotterdam? This might not be the best idea with electrics. Although there may be a good cheap electrician out there, the rule is: cheap is expensive. A recognised electrician has obtained diplomas and has the necessary experience which means that - logically - he charges a higher hourly rate than an electrician who is not recognised. In addition, if you use such a cheap, non-approved plumber in Rotterdam, your job is not insured if something goes wrong. For example in case of fire or an accident. You don't want that. Fortunately, Zoofy offers the solution. We arrange the professional for you and make sure he has a good rating behind his name. Of course, it's still human work, so if something unexpected does go wrong, then your job is insured for an amount of 2.5 million guilders. You can read more about this here. So don't go for the cheap electrician in Rotterdam, but for the good electrician in Rotterdam. A good electrician deserves a good hourly rate, right? Below you can find the average price of our plumbers per hour.

Electrician costs Rotterdam

Do you want to know the exact prices? At Zoofy you can enter your postcode and ask for the rates that electricians in Rotterdam charge. Mostly these are hourly rates. For some jobs we use a fixed price. We have agreed with our fitters that they will not charge for travel costs. This is not necessary since they are already in Rotterdam and therefore close to you. This saves you about 20 euros per job!

Type of electrician Rotterdam/Job Price
Electrician per hour incl. VAT €65
Electrician with rush hour €75
service charge €19,95
Service charge with urgency €24,95

Good electrician Rotterdam

Are you looking for a good electrician in Rotterdam? Logically, you don't want a rambo on your electrics. You want a professional who knows his stuff. Zoofy aims to work only with the best electricians in the Rotterdam area. Many of the connected professionals are members of a trade association like UNETO-VNI. But that's not a requirement for certified electricians. We believe that it is much more important that the professional really understands his electricity trade. A good electrician, who knows how to quickly draw the right conclusions in case of a short circuit, who is aware of all available techniques, and who, for example, is up to date when it comes to the new applications in the field of home automation and the installation of smart products.

Schedule an electrician through Zoofy

We expect all our craftsmen to be up to date with the latest electrical developments. Working with electricity always involves risks. Moreover, good knowledge is useful to solve complex problems. So it is nice if an electrician knows which comparable techniques are available. For this reason, we also attach importance to training as electricians. We only work with an electrician if he has several years of experience. Only then do we know for sure that an electrician is also suitable for complex electrical jobs, such as drawing up a lighting plan for a major renovation.

We keep the quality of our pool of good electricians high, because we let you, the customer, evaluate the tradesman after each completed job. With this information, we continuously try to improve our website.


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