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Intergas boiler failure / malfunction

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Even the most reliable boilers can sometimes suffer from a malfunction. Especially when you suddenly turn on the heating after a longer warm period. If the intergas boiler does not work properly, please immediately call in a heating engineer who will help you when you want.

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Fixing a malfunction in the Intergas boiler

Sometimes, simply restarting the boiler will help. You do this by pulling out the plug and waiting five minutes before plugging it in again. This way you give the boiler the chance to reset itself. Did this not help? Check if the water pressure is still on, the gas valve is still open or if a group has been switched off by accident.  

Is this all to no avail or is the boiler displaying a fault? Then make an appointment via with one of the connected heating engineers. The most common codes for Intergas boilers are: 1, 2, 4, 5 & 11. With these codes you can immediately find out what the problem is. The codes are clearly explained and that way you immediately know where the problem is. As an example:  

With an Intergas 1 fault, the pressure in the boiler is too high. This is probably due to the temperature in the boiler itself being too high. Replacing the water pump or flow switch can solve the problem. There may also be false air in the installation, in which case venting is probably sufficient.  

Besides the error codes, your central heating boiler can also give other problems.

The central heating boiler makes a strange noise;
The boiler has to be refilled continuously;
No hot water in the shower or other taps;
Radiators or floor heating are not working.

The above problems do not have to be caused by the boiler, but can be caused by the boiler without the boiler giving a fault code.  

Even if the boiler does not immediately show a fault, but you do notice that something is wrong with the boiler, an appointment via is easily arranged. Simply enter your postcode and choose a time that suits you. Then fill in the details and the request is sent! A tip: don't forget to mention your brand and type of central heating in the job description. This way, the technicians can serve you even better!

  With Zoofy you know exactly where you stand. All prices on the website are fixed prices including VAT and we don't charge any call out fee! This way there are no surprises and you can be helped on short notice. Don't have any cash at hand? No problem at all! Paying afterwards via iDeal or bank transfer is no problem.

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