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Flush underfloor heating

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Flush underfloor heating per group

When should you clean and flush your underfloor heating system?

We recommend scheduling maintenance of your underfloor heating system once every four years to keep your system working optimally. This prevents your underfloor heating system from clogging up and the floor from slowing down to the proper temperature. Using specialized tools, the professional flushes underfloor heating system. This way, the installation can be completed quickly and with confidence.

Always have your underfloor heating flushed when:

  • If your home is not reaching the desired temperature or your underfloor heating is not heating up enough
  • Your installation indicates fault codes
  • If your gas consumption is higher than normal, you should always have your underfloor heating flushed.
  • Different parts of the floor are still cold.

Cleaning and sanitizing underfloor heating, do it yourself or leave it to a professional?

To flush your underfloor heating, a professional often uses a specialized flushing compressor. These machines are not easy to operate, if used incorrectly they can cause major damage to your installation. It is always recommended to have this done by a professional. Then you can be sure that you can quickly enjoy a wonderfully warm floor and energy-efficient underfloor heating again.

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