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Plinth heater installation by a professional

The distinction between a baseboard water heater and a kitchen water heater

A typical kitchen water heater is placed above the water faucet, which may be tucked away in a kitchen cabinet or visible against the wall. A regular water heater takes up a lot of space.
A baseboard water heater is a wonderful option if you don't have a lot of room or just need extra space. Because it is so flat, you will find the baseboard water heater behind the baseboard of your kitchen cabinet. Although it has a smaller water capacity than a typical kitchen water heater, it is still a good option because most households only need 5 or 10 gallons of water.

Why choose a baseboard water heater?

The appeal of a baseboard water heater is its compact size. It makes good use of kitchen cabinet space. If someone is constantly at home during the day using hot water frequently, a baseboard water heater is a smart option. The central heating boiler, where the hot water is often generated, does need to be placed in at least one floor away. Should the central heating boiler be placed too far away, the water already cools on its way to the water heater.

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