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Remeha boiler failure / malfunction

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No hot water? Does the heating no longer work? Your Remeha boiler will unfortunately leave you in the lurch. Most malfunctions are fortunately so corrected. Make an appointment directly with a heating engineer in the area.

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Fixing a malfunction in the Remeha boiler

Have you suddenly lost hot water or is the heating not working in your home? Then it could be that your central heating boiler has a malfunction. Fortunately, the problem is easy to fix, often you can solve it yourself. If you still can't solve the problem, you can urgently call in a qualified CV technician from Zoofy. Zoofy is at your service 24/7! We do not charge for call-outs and have very competitive prices. 

Our qualified technicians are familiar with the Remeha boilers. On the website of Zoofy you can find reviews from others about our CV technicians. They have experience with different models of boilers:

Tzerra Plus
Calora Tower
Quinta Pro

Assistance with faults with older models is also possible.  

Possible causes of the malfunction:

- Top up the boiler when the water pressure is low

If the water pressure is too low or too high, this has consequences for the efficiency of the boiler. Always check the water pressure if the boiler is not working as it should, you can see this on the display of the boiler. The correct water pressure is between 1.5 bar and 2.0 bar. Below is an explanation of how you can reduce or increase the water pressure.  

If the water pressure is too low, you will have to top up the boiler.
Make sure you have a filling hose, a cloth and a bucket.
Turn off the thermostat and wait for 15 minutes.
If you have an analogue pressure gauge, pull the plug out of the wall socket. If you have a digital pressure gauge, leave the plug in.
Connect the filling hose to the water tap close to the boiler.
Hold the filling hose up and let it fill with water.
Connect the full filling hose to the tap on the boiler.
Open the water tap on the filling hose.
Open the filling tap of the boiler.
Keep an eye on the pressure gauge and close both taps (first the filling tap then the water tap) when the water pressure is 1.5-2.0 bar.
Disconnect the filling hose.
Collect the remaining water in the filling hose with a bucket.
Reconnect the plug of the boiler to the power socket.

The boiler has been filled and must now be vented. If the water pressure is too high, you must vent the boiler or release water.  
Remeha boiler failure
Does the problem persist or do you have another failure code that you can't solve? Via you can quickly make an appointment with a heating engineer who will come and solve your problem. The technicians can come to you urgently and you can make a request 24/7 via our website. We do not charge call-out fees and the rates are always clearly stated on the website, so you know exactly where you stand.  

You will receive an invoice afterwards, which you can pay via iDeal or Tikkie. No hassle with quotations, just the right professional for your job.

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