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Installing an underfloor heating distributor

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Install an underfloor heating distributor

Book a central heating engineer directly via Zoofy for the installation of an underfloor heating distributor. No hassle with quotes.

Without an underfloor heating distributor, an underfloor heating system cannot function effectively.
Hot water is distributed over the numerous heating pipes via a distributor. This lessens the possibility of temperature variations in the room

How is underfloor heating connected?

Electric underfloor heating functions in a different way. With traditional central heating underfloor heating, hot water is pushed via the underfloor heating pipes to heat the floor. The central heating boiler heats the water that flows via the underfloor heating pipes. The process is same to that of a radiator. Through a distributor, the underfloor heating pipes receive hot water from the central heating boiler. A pump and thermostat are installed inside the distributor. The pump makes sure that the floor heating system receives the central heating water. The distributor's thermostat controls the temperature of the heating water, which is heated to the appropriate level.

Do it yourself or have a professional complete the job?

It is possible to install an underfloor heating distributor, but the process does require the skill to do so. If you have never installed one yourself, it is probably best to have a professional complete the job. This way you have a warranty that the job is completed to you liking.

Why choose Zoofy?

Installing an underfloor heating distributor is easy and convenient with Zoofy. Our professionals are available for direct booking and have an average rating of 9.2 out of 10. You'll never have to pay call-out costs, and our predetermined rate of 79 euros per hour makes booking easy via our website or app.


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