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Expansion vessel replacement

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Have your expansion vessel replaced by a professional through Zoofy. Book a CV technician without any call-out costs easily and without hassle.

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Expansion vessel replacement via Zoofy

Via Zoofy you can easily book a central heating engineer for the replacement of an expansion vessel. Arrange it easily and without hassle via Zoofy. No quotations and call-out costs & immediately the right professional.

What is a expansion vessel

The vessel is an important component of the steam system. It is used to transfer heat from the boiler to the building. The expansion vessel allows for a controlled rate of release of steam into the building, and it also controls pressure in the system.

The expansion vessel has been a key component in heating systems for over 100 years. It has grown in size as buildings have increased in size, but it is still running into problems with today’s large buildings because it cannot keep up with demand.

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