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Placing a heater or wood burner can be a drastic job. There must be a flue and you want to be sure that no vapors can escape. Describe your job and make an appointment with a mechanic in your area.

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Woodburning stove installation, gas stove maintenance

When it gets colder outside and autumn approaches, we all seek the cosiness indoors. What gives more of an atmosphere than a wood-burning stove? The smell, the crackling, that wonderful warmth and flames you can dream away in. It is not for nothing that the Netherlands is a fan of wood stoves. It creates atmosphere, warmth and a cosy feeling and with those long autumns and winters you will benefit greatly from it.
There is a wood-burning stove for everyone, but how much does it cost to install a wood-burning stove, and what should you take into account? Zoofy answers all these questions so that you too can go in search of a wood-burning stove to dream away in. Have you already found your stove? Ask a Zoofy installer to place your stove today. A Zoofy installer makes sure that the installation of the stove is done professionally and safely. This way you can confidently light your stove this winter and enjoy the beautiful flames.

What types of stoves are there?

You can install various types of wood stoves, each with their own aesthetic properties and their advantages and disadvantages. To help you make the right choice, we have listed them for you.

Cast iron wood stove: Cast iron is a durable iron that retains heat well. Cast iron is cast into the shape of the stove and therefore has no vulnerable seams. The disadvantage of cast iron is that it can rust.
Steel stove: A steel stove is made of thinner material, which means it heats up quickly, but also loses its heat quickly. A steel stove is often used in sleek and modern interiors.
Soapstone stove: This stove is made from soapstone. This stone retains the heat for a long time. For example, a single stove can heat a room for up to 14 hours without requiring continuous firing. So it is a stove with a high efficiency but also with a high cost.
Tiled stoves: These stoves are made from Chamotte, a type of stone that does not retain heat as well as soapstone. For this reason, tiled stoves are often larger in size so that they can heat the same room.
Pellet stoves:If you want to install a pellet stove, you should choose a fully automatic stove. The pellet stove is controlled electrically and this ensures that the efficiency is very high. Pellets are used as fuel for the pellet stove. So you do not need to start and keep a fire going yourself.

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