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Vaillant boiler malfunction

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Most faults are resolved within 1 hour. For Vaillant boilers you can also contact our large network of central heating engineers. Make an appointment immediately for the moment that you would like to be helped.

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Fixing a Vaillant boiler malfunction


The days of storm and rain have started. Nothing nicer than a hot shower when you come home like a drowned cat. Unfortunately, the hot water seems to have run out and the heating isn't getting warm either. You decide to take a look at the Vaillant boiler upstairs in the attic. You see a code on the display starting with S: S51. On the internet, you find that this means "backflow of combustion gases".  You want a professional to come and help you with this problem as soon as possible. You can do this quickly with

There are several different error numbers all starting with S with numbers from 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 all the way up to 54. What can you do yourself before calling in a professional? First of all, you can reset the boiler or pull the plug out of the wall socket. It is also important to check the gas valve, is it still open? It is also important, when the temperature in the house is cold, to check whether enough radiators are open. Finally, there are two more important things to check: do all the fuses in the meter box still work? Because the central heating boiler also needs power. Finally, it is important to vent the boiler. Older boilers are particularly prone to this problem. If all this fails, you can still call in a professional via Zoofy.

Book via Zoofy a heating expert for Vaillant boiler malfunction

Through our site you can schedule the job at a time that suits you. This way you don't have to browse the internet for hours and then wait for the professional to arrive at your doorstep. If the job is urgent, the tradesman will be with you today. If you prefer to plan further ahead, for example for maintenance of your boiler, you can easily indicate that on the website. Simply enter your postcode and we will find the professional in your area.  The appointment is set for the same day!

We are at your service 24/7. Besides that, we do not charge any call-out fees. On our site you can find an overview of the professionals in your area, including a photo. That way you won't have a stranger standing on your doorstep. In addition, you can also find the reviews of the professionals, so you can read the experiences of customers who went before you. 

Finally, each CV mechanic has a fixed hourly rate. That way you can estimate what the costs will be. Should you have any doubts? You can always request a free, no-obligation quote. Payment is also a breeze. You can choose to pay in cash or easily with iDeal. Some craftsmen even brought an ATM machine for you. The professionals from Zoofy are ready for you so you can jump under that hot shower again as soon as possible!

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