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Install air separator CV

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Do you want to place an air separator at the central heating? Then Zoofy is the right place for you. Here you arrange a technician for the installation.

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Have air separator CV installed

Via Zoofy you can easily and without hassle arrange one of our 12,000+ professionals. This also applies to installing an air separator in the central heating. You can immediately see in advance what the job will cost. Also view the job for dirt separator CV. Installing a central heating deaerator is a technique in which a deaerator is installed between the central heating boiler and the radiators. The deaerator ensures that air contained in the pipes is removed. This improves heat transfer and makes the boiler more efficient.

What are the advantages and disadvantages


Installing a central heating air separator increases the efficiency of the central heating boiler.
It reduces the risk of air bubbles in the pipes.
It reduces energy consumption.


It is a costly modification.
It is a technically complicated installation best left to a professional.

Costs for installing a CV air separator

The cost of installing a CV deaerator varies greatly, depending on the size of the installation and the difficulty of the installation. On average, costs are between €500 and €1000.

Why have the deaerator installed via Zoofy

It is advisable to leave the installation of a deaerator central heating to a professional. A professional has the knowledge and experience to carry out the installation correctly and safely. Via Zoofy, you can easily and hassle-free arrange for one of our 12,000+ professionals. The same goes for installing a deaerator in your central heating system. You can see in advance what the job will cost. See also the deaerator CV job.

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