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In recent years we have been increasingly confronted with the term "green energy". Reducing CO2 emissions to a minimum and living as economically as possible is something that is becoming increasingly popular here in the Netherlands. When it comes to heating our homes, a heat pump installation is now the most environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional central heating boiler, as we have always known it. But what is a heat pump and what are the costs for a heat pump installation? We, at Zoofy, are happy to give you more information in the article below.

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump installation ensures that heat is transferred. A heat pump gets its heat from nature. The heat is extracted from the air or from groundwater and the pump uses the natural phenomena of "evaporation" and "condensation". A heat pump is equipped with special fluids that evaporate at low temperature and then liquefy again. This principle ensures that your home, all year round, can be heated in a sustainable way.

What are the advantages of a heat pump installation?

Environmentally friendly: A heat pump installation is one of the greenest energy applications of our time. Those who use a heat pump emit far less CO2 than those who heat with a conventional central heating boiler.
Energy-efficient: Since a heat pump obtains its energy from natural sources, little electricity is consumed. This attractive financial benefit is reflected on your energy bill.
Wide application: A heat pump installation can heat various elements of your home in a sustainable way. For example, you can use the pump for floor, ceiling or wall heating, but heating your plumbing or your swimming pool is also among the many possibilities.
Dual function: A heat pump installation not only provides heating in the cold winter months, but also the necessary cooling during the hot summer months.
Subsidies for a heat pump possible: Because a heat pump installation contributes to a green living environment, more and more municipalities are offering subsidies for a heat pump. You can find out in advance whether this is the case in your municipality.

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