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Install heat pump boiler

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Find via Zoofy a heating technician to install your heat pump boiler. No call-out costs and no hassle with quotes, but directly the right pro.

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Install a heating pump boiler via Zoofy

If you are looking for information on connecting a heat pump boiler and installing a boiler, you have come to the right place. The options are not limited to installation by yourself, but you can have a heat pump boiler connected by a professional party. That party is Zoofy and we will explain all about the benefits you will experience if you choose to have your boiler connected by Zoofy. First of all, information will be given about the boiler itself and some technical aspects will be discussed. Think about materials and the like. The price will also be discussed, so you know exactly where you stand. This way, you will not face any surprises. Read the article and find out about the advantages. That way, you can get started as soon as possible!

Why use Zoofy?

You can contact Zoofy 24 hours a day for all your jobs in and around the house. Our professionals are ready for you every day of the week. When you need a professional you can easily request your job through the app or website. You can do this by describing your job, giving your available time and entering your personal details.

We will then immediately look for a professional who can do your job. We have a network of over 10,000 professionals throughout the Netherlands. They score an average of 9.2. So you can be sure that your job is in good hands.

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