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ATAG boiler failure / malfunction

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A fault in the boiler can have many causes. The result is that you are usually without heating and hot water. Then make an appointment with a mechanic who will repair your ATAG boiler.

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Fixing a fault in the Atag central heating boiler

ATAG, based in the Achterhoek, is an A-brand from the Netherlands. The company is known for its innovative, solid and reliable boilers. Besides boilers, ATAG also makes ovens, refrigerators, cookers, coffee machines, dishwashers and many other products.  

ATAG has several models on the market that are tailored to all customer needs. Each model can be delivered in a different version (Compact, Solo & Comfort). In this way ATAG makes sure that there is a model for every wallet. These are the models that are currently available:  

Thanks to the innovation of ATAG you can read a lot from the boiler without having to know a lot about it. For example, the operating codes are easy to read as described below.  

0 : Stand-by mode
1 : The boiler is ventilating.
  2 : Ignition phase  
3: The heating is on.  
4: The heating is on for domestic hot water.  
5 : The fan checks the operation  
6 : The burner is off.  
7 & 8: The pump is running.  
9 : The burner is off, probably due to a dripping water tap.    

Fault codes require a little more investigation and can therefore often not be solved by the consumer himself. A C1 10 message, for example, is caused by the problem that the safety temperature has been exceeded. A technician will then have to visit you to solve the problem. A technician will also be required to assist with fault code E37. Most likely, the print is not correctly inserted in the connector of the boiler, causing an electronic problem.  

Of course, these are only a few examples of error codes. Are you experiencing this or another error code? Zoofy ensures that your boiler is repaired in no time. On our website you simply enter your job and select the category where your job belongs. Choose a day and time that suits you and enter your details. Please note the brand and type and if possible the fault code in the job description. That way we can serve you even better.  

When you have filled in all the details, we will send the request to all available tradesmen in your area. All tradesmen have excellent reviews which can be found on This is because all customers can leave a review after the job is done, so we can guarantee the quality of the tradesmen.  

The prices you find on the website are all including VAT and we don't charge any call out fee. This way we try to keep it as clear as possible and you will not be surprised afterwards. You can pay directly to the tradesman, most of the tradesmen connected to our website have a pin machine at hand and you can always pay by contact. But if that doesn't work out, there is always the possibility to pay afterwards via iDeal. Arrange through Zoofy the right professional to get your ATAG boiler back in top shape!

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