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Gas heater maintenance

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Proper maintenance extends the life of your gas heater and prevents 90% of the problems and dangerous situations. A heating technician cleans the stove for you, checks all connections and replaces worn parts if necessary. Make an appointment for the moment that suits you best.

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maintenance gas stove

As homeowner, you know all too well how important it is to maintain your home and its installations. Preventive maintenance can save a lot of trouble and possibly prevent serious damage.
Not only is the annual maintenance of your central heating system important, but also your gas heater needs annual maintenance. Therefore you should have your gas heater cleaned and maintained.
This way you will enjoy the warmth and the flames of your gas heater longer and in a safe way. Your gas heater will last longer and there is up to 90% less chance of malfunctions. Even or especially when you use your gas stove only occasionally, an annual maintenance by a professional is important.
In principle the maintenance of a gas stove is very low-maintenance, so the costs do not have to be considered. Nevertheless there are a few things you should pay attention to.

Cleaning of gas stoves

Do you know what is involved in the cleaning of a gas stove? Do you know which maintenance activities you can possibly perform yourself and which activities you definitely need to leave to a professional? Through Zoofy you can easily and quickly get in touch with this professional. Zoofy mediates between you and the professional. Fast and easy. Before you know it, the job is already done. With the mediation of Zoofy there are no call-out charges.

Costs gas fire maintenance

At Zoofy we do what we do best and that is quickly mediate between supply and demand, between customer and professional. Therefore we don't give you an indication of the costs for gas heater maintenance. However, we can give you a guideline. On average it costs a professional to carry out maintenance on your gas heater between € 65.00 and € 75.00 per hour.
How much time your professional needs is obviously dependent on the type of gas stove and the state of the maintenance and whether any (unforeseen) parts need to be replaced.
Zoofy only sends the invoice, always without call-out charge, after the job is done. Payment is very easy, for example with a Tikkie or via Ideal.

Preventive gas heater maintenance? Through Zoofy you can book a professional for gas stove maintenance as fast as delivering a pizza. But also for all your other jobs we can quickly find the right professional for you.


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