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Boiler maintenance

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Proper maintenance extends the life of the boiler, prevents malfunctions and ensures that you burn more efficiently. For a fixed price the central heating engineer cleans the boiler, checks for errors and ensures the right pressure. Make an appointment for the moment that suits you best.

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Boiler maintenance by a professional

It is the beating heart of your home. Silently in the background, your central heating boiler is there for you 24/7. If you carry out regular boiler maintenance, the average boiler will last about 15 years. Boiler maintenance not only extends the lifespan, but also ensures that it continues to operate economically. If you do not maintain your boiler, it can leave you out in the cold much sooner. Nobody wants a cold shower or a heating system that doesn't work on a cold day. Boiler maintenance is not only important for the lifespan and efficiency of your boiler, but also for your health. A poorly maintained boiler can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Although boiler maintenance is not a legal requirement, it is very important to prevent problems. How often is boiler maintenance required? Once every two years is the minimum, but the manufacturer of your boiler may prescribe otherwise. If you do not adhere to the manufacturer's conditions, your boiler will no longer be covered by the guarantee. You are responsible for maintaining your boiler, whether you are a tenant, landlord or buyer. Whether the boiler maintenance costs are for the tenant or landlord depends on your tenancy agreement. This page provides further information about carbon monoxide poisoning.

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