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Boiler failure / malfunction

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In case of a malfunction in the boiler you naturally want to be helped quickly. Due to too low pressure or a worn part, you sometimes do not have hot water or heating anymore. Then make an appointment directly with a mechanic in the area. A malfunction is often solved within 1 hour.

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Boiler failure is a pity

If your heating doesn't work anymore, if you hear bubbling noises or if you don't have any hot water, it is very likely that you have a central heating malfunction. Unfortunately, this can sometimes happen to both old and modern central heating boilers. A central heating boiler breakdown can cause great inconvenience. It is understandable that you then want to be helped as quickly as possible. Of course, nobody likes to sit in the cold or take a shower without hot water.  

What to do in case of boiler failure?

Many boilers have a display that shows a particular fault code in the event of problems. If you see such a code, it is always a good idea to google the brand and the fault code: this will usually tell you what is wrong with your boiler. Well-known brands of central heating boilers include ATAG, AWB, Intergas, Nefit, Remeha and Vaillant. It is generally not advisable to do this yourself without knowledge of the matter. For the heating engineer, a fault code is useful information to have before he comes to your house to fix the problem.

Boiler failure and no hot water?

One of the most common reasons why your central heating boiler or water no longer heat up properly is because the water pressure in the boiler is too low. Always check the screen of your boiler to see if the water pressure is correct: it should be between 1.5 and 2.0 bar. Is the water pressure too low? Then you will have to top up the boiler in most cases. 

Another cause of a sudden loss of hot water could be the pilot light. Therefore, always check whether the boiler's pilot light is actually burning.

A cold shower can also be caused by a leaking hot water tap from the central heating boiler. If the leak cannot be stopped by turning the tap, it will often have to be replaced.

And another thing: is the plug in the socket? It is obvious. But it still happens regularly that the central heating boiler is simply switched off because the plug is not in the socket and therefore does not receive any power. If that is the reason for the cold water, it is obviously a shame to have a heating engineer come by.

Other reasons why the central heating boiler is broken

Have your radiators been making a noise recently or are they no longer warming up properly? If there is air in the central heating system, you will often hear bubbling or ticking noises in your radiator. This is not only annoying; it also causes your heating to use more energy. Over time, it is normal for some air to enter the pipes. Only when the bubbles become too big will this cause problems. The solution is often to vent the heating system and then refill it.

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