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AWB boiler malfunction

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A breakdown may also occur at an AWB boiler. Sometimes the pressure is just too low. Sometimes it is unfortunately necessary to replace a part. Make an appointment with a central heating engineer from the neighborhood who will get your AWB boiler up and running again.

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Get an AWB central heating boiler fault resolved

Is there a problem with your boiler? Then this can often be (temporarily) remedied by resetting your AWB boiler. Keep in mind that a reset is never a permanent solution and that an AWB boiler cannot be reset indefinitely.

In case of an AWB malfunction we always advise to contact a certified central heating engineer to have the AWB boiler checked.

Zoofy solves the AWB boiler problem

It is very frustrating when your AWB boiler has a malfunction because you are without hot water at the tap and the heating won't turn on. At Zoofy, we understand this like no other. With us you can request a job 24 hours a day at your convenience, including urgent jobs.

The Zoofy network

Zoofy has the largest independent professional network in the Netherlands which you can book directly. With Zoofy you can quickly find a professional, always at a predefined rate. Book your job easily within 5 minutes.

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We cover call-out fees for our professionals or customers, so you don't have to worry about hidden costs. Rates are determined prior to the job. You can book a central heating engineer from as little as 79 euros per hour. No hassle with hours of quotes!

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