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When the old thermostat needs to be replaced or you would like to use a smarter device, call in the help of an expert. The professional removes the old thermostat, cuts the wires to the correct length and ensures correct connection and installation. Make an appointment with a mechanic in your area.

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Installing a (smart) thermostat

Almost everyone in the Netherlands has a thermostat in their home to set the central heating. The device controls the central heating boiler so that the house is heated to the desired temperature.  Installing a thermostat is not always a very difficult job. Although sometimes it is advisable to leave it to one of our experts. Below you can read about what's involved. 

The different thermostats

There are different types of thermostats that you can buy and install. Lately, the smart thermostat has been the most popular. These devices often provide clear insight into your consumption and can almost always be operated using your mobile phone. 

Installing a thermostat, what to look out for

There are a number of things to consider when fitting a room thermostat. For example, the thermostat must be placed on one of the internal walls. At a height of 1.5 metres or 150 centimetres measured from the floor. Do not place the thermostat in the sun or above a heater. It is also better not to place it near a window or an external door. This can cause the room thermostat to no longer be able to measure the temperature properly. 

Most thermostats are connected with 2 low voltage wires that stick out of the wall. The device controls the central heating boiler via these wires. In the thermostat itself there is usually a battery that ensures that everything works properly. In some cases, a battery is not necessary. The thermostat is then connected to the power supply from the boiler. Instead of 2 wires, there are almost always 3 wires protruding from the wall. When connecting, it is also important to check which power supply the thermostat needs. This can be 220 volts or 24 volts. 

Simple thermostat

New thermostats almost always come with screws for mounting them on the wall. The manual supplied with the thermostat usually offers a solution too. Otherwise, you can always call in a professional to do it for you. When you are looking for a new thermostat to install, there are various options. The simplest is an on/off thermostat. You can then only set the temperature manually. The device then has no preset programs. Such thermostats are very easy to operate. 

For slightly more options, you can choose a clock thermostat. These can be set to different programs. For example, a night and day temperature. Or you can make a difference between weekdays and the weekend.  In addition, such thermostats are also simply operated by hand. 

Smart thermostat

Even more advanced are the modulating and smart thermostats. A modulating thermostat can regulate the temperature more accurately based on the burner of the central heating boiler. This allows you to save on energy consumption. That is good for the cost and also better for the environment. Always check this with a heating engineer. Because not all central heating systems have a modulating function. A smart thermostat takes even more work off your hands. These devices get to know you, as it were. They calculate themselves what time the heating needs to be on to ensure that you come home to a warm house in the evening. For example, you want your house to be 20 degrees at 18:00. Then you enter this data. The smart or self-thinking thermostat then knows at what time it needs to signal the central heating boiler to make this happen. So it determines the warm-up time itself. These devices are also often favourable for energy consumption and better for the environment. The purchase price is usually a bit higher than for example the price for a clock thermostat.

Thermostat installation by Zoofy

Have your thermostat installed by a heating engineer from Zoofy. They know better than anyone how best to set the thermostat. Having a smart thermostat installed by a professional from Zoofy can save you a lot of money on heating costs. 

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