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Boiler leak

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When water leaks out of the boiler, this causes too low a pressure causing the heater to malfunction. The cause is often a broken condensate drain or worn expansion tank. Describe your problem and make an appointment directly with a resume mechanic in your area.

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Leaky central heating boiler

Nothing is more annoying than when the central heating boiler is not working properly. This can leave you without hot water and heating, and after all, nobody can do without a nice hot shower. A leaking central heating boiler can be the cause of the problem. The most important thing with a leaking central heating boiler is that the leak is quickly detected and rectified. Our accredited heating engineers are trained in this. Even when there are only a few drops, it can mean that something is really wrong. 

When water leaks out of the heating system, the pressure of the boiler may drop or be too low. Refilling the boiler is then often only a temporary solution. 

Condensation drain of the central heating system is leaking

The condensation drain may not be entirely in order. Or the expansion vessel of the central heating boiler is broken and needs to be replaced. Fortunately, our experts can quickly and expertly find a solution for all types of boilers. Please mention in your request whether you have a Remeha, Intergas, Vaillant, Nefit, ATAG, Bosch or other brand of boiler so that the professional has the right equipment with him and will appear well prepared at the door. If a fault code is indicated, it also helps to mention it beforehand. This is usually the case. Almost every boiler gives an error message when the pressure is below 1.5 bar. The result is often that you no longer have hot water. 

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