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Replace toilet seat

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When the toilet seat is broken or just does not look so fresh, you can easily replace it. Describe what needs to be done and make an appointment with a handyman in the neighborhood for the moment that you would like to be helped.

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Replacing toilet seat by Zoofy

What does replacing a toilet seat cost?

You can book a handyman at Zoofy for as little as 49 euros per hour. A handyman can replace one toilet seat within an hour. Through Zoofy you can easily find the best handyman in your area.  

How to replace a toilet seat

Whether your toilet seat is broken, no longer fits in your restyled bathroom or you just want to experiment with a trendy one with disco lights:
Replacing your toilet seat yourself is a piece of cake! Before you race to the shop or DIY store to buy a new one, it is important to check whether you have the "normal" universal toilet seat, or a toilet seat of a different size: it is nice if the new one fits. You can of course use a tape measure yourself, but if you google your toilet, it is often mentioned in the specifications! 

What do you need?

Your new (fitting) toilet seat.
A screwdriver.
Possibly a spanner.
What do you need to do?
See what kind of toilet seat you have. You have model-specific and universal seats. A model-specific seat only fits a specific pot, the universal one fits any toilet bowl.
Dismantle the old seat: Loosen the metal screws. These are at the back and go vertically into the toilet bowl. Once these are unscrewed, you can remove the toilet seat.
Install the new toilet seat: In the instructions of the seat, you can read how to adjust it. First, insert the screws in the same way as how you removed the old one. Don't tighten them too firmly as you may still need to adjust it. After adjusting, tighten firmly.
Enjoy your first experience with the new toilet seat!

You may have just bought a seat that needs to be fastened in a different way; so before removing your old one, always check the manual of your new toilet seat or leave it to a handyman.

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