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Cat flap Assembly in glass

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Have your cat flap installed in glass for a fixed price. Book your professional directly via Zoofy for a good installation.

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Cat flap Assembly in glass

Installing cat flap in glass

Do you have a glass door? A cat flap in glass can be installed in doors and windows. The advantage of a cat flap in glass is that you can keep the wood or plastic of the door or wall intact. Any type of glass is possible for installing a cat flap, as long as the window or door has a minimum width of 30 centimeters. Even a cat flap in double glass is possible. 

kattenluik in glas

Have it done by a professional

There are several reasons why it may be wise to have a cat flap in glass installed by a professional. First of all, it is important to know that glass is a fragile material and therefore it is not easy to install a cat flap in a glass door or window yourself. An experienced professional has the right tools and knowledge to do this safely and professionally.

In addition, a professional can also advise on the most appropriate type of cat flap for your glass door or window. There are several types of cat flaps on the market, each with its own specific features and benefits. A professional can help you choose the right cat flap to ensure it fits your needs and desires.

Finally, a professional can also help maintain the cat flap. For example, he can give advice on how to keep the cat flap clean and how to avoid problems. This can make the cat flap last longer and allow you to enjoy it for longer. In short, by having a cat flap installed in glass by a professional, you can be sure that it will be done in a safe and professional way and that you will get the right advice on how to maintain the cat flap.

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