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A cat flap gives your cat freedom. For a fixed price a professional installs the cat flap in your door. A hole will be cut to size and ensures that everything fits nicely. Make an appointment directly with a handyman in your area.

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Do you want to place a cat flap for your furry four-legged friend? Although your quirky friend will undoubtedly be disappointed that his door no longer opens and closes doors, the cat flap offers a solution for many outdoor cat owners. Nowadays there is a wide range of cat flaps available with different types of locks, such as a cat flap with a chip. The device recognizes your own cat. Strange cats are denied entry. It is then necessary that your cat wears a microchip or tag for recognition.

However, there are a number of things you should pay attention to before you buy a cat flap. For example, do you live in a rented house, and do you want to be a friend to the landlord? Then you will probably have to ask permission from the landlord first. Some landlords even prohibit it, charging you with the cost of buying a new door by the time you leave the home. Anyway, anything for your whiskered friend, right? It is also important to pay attention to where you are going to place the cat flap. It must be installed in such a way that uninvited guests are not given a license to enter your home. And we're not talking about the neighborhood cats, for which you have cat flaps with a chip, but burglars. Do you want to know more about how to keep burglars out? You can read that here.

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