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Install curtain rails

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Hanging up a curtain rail is sometimes more difficult than it seems. It must be accurately measured, the rails must be cut to size and firmly fixed. Leave it to a professional and you can be sure that the rails will hang straight. Make an appointment with a handyman in the neighborhood who comes to help when you want to.

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Have curtain rails hung by a professional

Hanging curtains is a precise job. Of course you can do this yourself. Can't do it or don't want to do it yourself? Then arrange for one of our handymen to hang your curtain rails professionally. There are curtain rails made of wood, aluminum or other materials that you can attach in all kinds of different ways. A handyman can advise you on the best curtain rails and know how to hang them. He will always neatly saw the rails to size and then neatly attach them. If you prefer not to see the top of the curtains, you can ask the handyman to make a cove. He can always help you with that too.

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