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Do not want to hang up a bookshelf or extra storage shelf in the kitchen yourself? Then turn on the help of a professional. This measures everything neatly, knows which screws to use and ensures that the shelf is neatly leveled. Make an appointment with a handyman in your area.

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Frequently asked questions for hanging a plank

Through Zoofy you can easily and quickly have a professional drive by for small jobs around the house. After your request, they will drive to your place to help you with hanging a shelf or a blind shelf, for example. Hanging a shelf without drilling into the wall is also part of our service. We regularly receive requests to fix a shelf, usually so that the television can stand there. In your own home, you want to keep the feeling of home as much as possible. For all sorts of reasons, you may decide to add a shelf somewhere in your home. Instead of a large item like a television, you might prefer to put light items on a different kind of shelf. For our team, it doesn't matter if it's a shelf in the living room or a study. We are always happy to accommodate your needs with our services.

How to hang a shelf

There is more to hanging shelves than meets the eye. Attaching the object requires precise work with a sharp eye for detail. Our people know what they are doing when they do it for you. It is important that you clearly indicate at what height you want the shelf on the wall. With a thin line of pencil, the handyman will determine exactly where the object is going to be. Some experience with the job is needed when you later take the drill in your hands. The drill holes are not easily removed from the wall once they are in place. The board should be the right length after the necessary sawing. For sawing you'd better hire professionals so the action goes smoothly.

Advantages of Zoofy

Looking for a handyman or a handywoman in your neighbourhood? If you hire Zoofy, you can be sure that they will be on your doorstep in no time. The service has many advantages for all customers. You don't pay any call-out charge when you call on us. Maybe you want to hang a shelf without drilling, the boiler needs maintenance or the ceiling needs to be painted. We are at home in all kinds of markets when it comes to odd jobs. Meanwhile, your order remains insured up to an amount of two and a half million euros. This way, you can let our team work in your home with peace of mind. Zoofy also offers a solution if you simply don't have the time to do the work yourself. We don't shy away from a blind shelf or installing a shelf without drilling.

Made to measure for the type of wall

Hanging a blind shelf without drilling requires craftsmanship. For example, the object must first be torn and painted before you attach it to the wall. Our craftsmen tailor their work to the walls in your home. Every house needs a different approach, for example, how deep you can drill holes. From the request to the tightening of the screws, we are there for you. The handyman or woman will gladly think along with you about the personal possibilities in your home. It happens that a customer wants to put his or her property on a ceiling bracket. Zoofy helps you if you want to know if such a bracket is an option in your case.

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