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For many people, finding a good contractor is a tough job. There are many things to take into account. On the one hand, there is the price, of course. Does the contractor fit the budget? On the other hand you want a reliable contractor. A contractor of which you know for sure that he fulfils his agreements and does what he says. And of course it is also very important to have a contractor who does his work with dignity. That you know for sure that you won't get into trouble afterwards. Fortunately, we have a wide choice and you can easily hire a contractor that suits you perfectly. In this article we will elaborate on that. What are the advantages of Zoofy? You can read that here!

Repair wood rot

A big problem in many houses is that they end up with wood rot. This phenomenon can have several causes, but usually moisture plays an important role when it comes to wood rot. When you see wood rot, it is very important to take action as soon as possible. This is important for several reasons. On the one hand it is very important, because wood rot can get worse and worse. This means that the longer you wait, the more it will cost to repair. And sometimes it can even be the case that it can't be repaired at all and then you will lose a lot more money. And an even bigger point: it can also cause a real danger and the whole construction of the wood will no longer function optimally, which will undoubtedly be of no interest to you. So for this job it's really ideal to call in the people of Zoofy.

Create a ceiling

Zoofy can also help you with bigger jobs. For example, you can think of constructing a ceiling. There are several reasons why people choose to make a new ceiling. A common reason is that the old ceiling is aging. It could be, for example, that your ceiling in the bathroom is wearing out. Usually there are several reasons for this. An important reason why a ceiling is subject to wear is, for example, mould. This can happen when you don't have a good exhaust system in your bathroom. Then it is ideal to make a new ceiling, because mould is very unhealthy and it is often difficult to remove. Many people then choose to paint over the ceiling, but this brings certain problems with it. A major problem is that the mould will quickly return, but it doesn't make your ceiling any better either. It only makes sure that the mould is no longer visible, but it can still be very unhealthy of course. So for ceiling replacement you can also hire the people of Zoofy.


Of course it is also possible that you want to renovate your house. This often has several reasons. An important reason why people want to renovate, is because the current house has become too small. And perhaps there is an expansion of the family. In that case, you might need an extra room in the attic, in which case a renovation is obviously a good option to create more space without necessarily having to move. It may also be the case that certain rooms in your house are outdated. A common renovation is that of your shower, for example. Perhaps you would like to install a bath in your shower. Or instead of your old shower, turn it into a nice walk-in shower and so on. In those cases it is advisable to hire the experienced professionals of Zoofy. They will be happy to help you with various renovations and will also provide appropriate advice. Renovating the attic can also be an option.

Contractor costs

The first relevance when it comes to costs is to establish what the specific costs per hour are. This is one of the largest cost items and therefore gives a good indication of the specific price. At Zoofy you pay €50,- per hour for the contractor. Of course, for larger jobs you can make price agreements or work on the basis of a m² price.

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