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Book a handyman for a whole week

Do you have a big project with several jobs? Book a handyman for a whole week for a fixed price without any hassle.

Why book a handyman for a whole week through Zoofy?

Booking a handyman through Zoofy can be convenient if you have a number of large jobs in your home or garden that you would like to have done all at once. This way, you can be sure that the handyman will have enough time to carry out all your requirements and you won't have to worry about arranging different appointments with different people. Moreover, Zoofy often allows you to choose from different handymen with different specialties, so you can always find someone suitable for your specific jobs.

What kinds of jobs can a handyman perform?

A handyman can perform a wide range of jobs, depending on his or her skills and specialties. For example, this can range from small jobs like hanging a shelf on the wall to larger jobs like installing a new kitchen or landscaping a garden. When you book a handyman through Zoofy, you can often specify specific requirements so you can be sure to find someone suitable for your specific jobs.

What does fixed price mean?

A fixed price is a price that does not change over a period of time. This means that when you buy a product or service at a fixed price, you know how much you will have to pay for it and that this amount will not change for the duration of the price fixing. This can be useful when budgeting because you can know exactly how much you will have to spend. It can also be advantageous for the vendor because they know they will receive a fixed amount for their products or services. Material and parking costs are always excluded from the fixed price unless otherwise stated.

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