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Is there a wall in the wrong place? Do you want to remove an old floor? Or do you have other demolition and breaking work to do, leave it to an experienced professional. Describe what needs to be done and make an appointment with a handyman who comes to help.

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Do you live in a building from the 1950s and your home no longer meets all contemporary building requirements? Or do you feel like making some changes but a few walls or entire rooms are in your way? Maybe your tiles no longer match your new kitchen and you would like to lay a new floor? In such cases, demolition work will be required. Curious about how this all works and what the costs are for demolishing a house or another building? Find out in the article below!


In what situations is demolition needed?

Having an old (or in some cases slightly more modern) building demolished is done for several reasons:

When the property is unstable: If you have a very antique house, it is possible that the foundations are no longer very strong. Over the years and also due to weather conditions, a building gradually loses stability. This lack of solid structure can have dramatic consequences, such as collapses and subsidence. To avoid these things, it is recommended to carry out the necessary demolition work in good time.
When the building no longer meets current safety standards: In some cases, demolition work is carried out on a residence even though the residence is not (yet) at risk of collapse. If the dwelling no longer meets current safety standards and the costs of renovation are too high, it is often easier to have demolition work carried out.
When the land on which the property was built is to be used for new projects: You see it more and more, in city centres old buildings have to make way for new, modern building projects such as shopping centres, hospitals, cinema halls,...and so on. If you live in one of these buildings and your home is to be removed by means of demolition work, you will of course be properly compensated.
When you want to carry out renovation work: Have you had enough of those dull grey floor tiles and do you want to bring a breath of fresh air into your home? It may be that you want to merge two rooms into one, bigger room or maybe you want to demolish some rooms completely and start redecorating. In these cases, too, you have no choice but to have demolition work carried out.
When you have bought a ruin: If you really wanted to have a certain piece of land in your home village but you could only find a plot with a dilapidated house on it, you will also have to carry out demolition work before the work of building a new house can begin.

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