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Tailor-made curtains? Book a handyman via Zoofy to make your curtains to measure. Zoofy can book you right away for tomorrow or later.

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Have your talior-made curtains by Zoofy

Need curtains made to measure? Book a specialist directly through Zoofy for having curtains made to measure.

Make your own custom curtains

It is possible to customize curtains yourself, although it requires some sewing experience. Before you begin, it is important to buy the right materials, such as fabric, curtain rails and possibly lining. Make sure you have the right dimensions for your windows and consider how you want the curtains to fall. Then you can cut and sew the fabric according to the pattern you have chosen. It is important to sew the seams properly and make sure everything is symmetrical before you hang the curtains. If you need help, you can always go to a sewing store or sewing studio for advice and support.

Have curtains made to measure by a professional

If you prefer to have curtains tailored by a craftsman, there are several options. For example, you can go to a furniture store or interior design store and ask about their services for making custom curtains. They can help you choose the right fabric and determine the dimensions, and then make the curtains for you and install them to size. You can also go to a sewing shop or upholstery shop and have your curtains custom made there. They often have a wide selection of fabrics and can help you choose the right pattern and design.

Rather not leave the house?

Have your curtains tailored by one of our experienced craftsmen. They will customize your curtains so they will adorn your living room the way you envision. Our professionals can also hang your curtains right away. Just like that.

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