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Install floating furniture

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Have your floating furniture assembled via Zoofy. Easily book a suitable handyman without the hassle of quotes & always without call-out costs.

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Have your floating furniture installed

Have your floating TV furniture installed by a professional from Zoofy. Book the right professional right away. Quick and easy!

Why buy floating furniture?

There are several reasons why people choose floating furniture:

  1. They look modern and stylish: Floating furniture is a popular choice for people who want to give their home a trendy and modern look.
  2. They save space: Because floating furniture is not on the floor, you can save more space in a smaller room.
  3. They are easy to move: Floating furniture tends to be light and easy to move, which is convenient if you want to change your decor frequently or move your furniture to another room.
  4. They are sturdy and safe: Although floating furniture is light, it is often made of sturdy material and is safe to sit on or use as storage.
  5. They are multifunctional: Some floating furniture can also serve as storage or additional seating, which makes them extra flexible.

Have floating furniture assembled

You want to have your floating furniture assembled, but you don't know exactly how to do it. Fortunately, it's better to leave this to a professional. A specialist has the right knowledge and experience to assemble your furniture correctly.

The advantage of having a professional assemble your floating furniture is that you can be sure that the furniture will be installed correctly. This will prevent the furniture from not being properly attached and the furniture from not working properly. In addition, it is also safer because a professional uses the right tools and techniques to assemble the furniture.

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