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Seal floor ventilation duct

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Do you have a convector pit and would you like to have it closed? Our handymen know better than anyone how best to do that. Book your professional here.

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Have your floor ventilation duct sealed

You arrange a handyman through Zoofy to seal your convector well. If you want the hole sealed in the floor, you can book a handyman through Zoofy easily and in just four steps. All our tradesmen score an average of 9.2. 

Advantages and disadvantages of sealing a convector well

Sealing a convector well is a process of sealing a convector well to prevent water from entering the well. It is a relatively simple process that can be done by most people themselves.

Benefits of convector well sealing

  • It prevents water from flowing into the well, preventing damage to the environment or building.
  • It prevents pests from entering the manhole, thus preventing health risks.
  • It prevents undesirable substances from entering the well, thus preventing environmental risks.

Disadvantages of convector well sealing

  • It can be a time-consuming process, especially if the well is very large.
  • It can be an expensive process, especially if special materials are needed to seal the well.

Possible costs

The cost of sealing a convector well can vary, depending on the size and material required. In some cases, sealing a convector well can be a costly affair.

Sealing a convector well via Zoofy

It is advisable to leave the sealing of a convector well to a professional, as this is a specialist process that requires a lot of knowledge and experience. A skilled person will be able to seal the well in the right way, preventing damage to the surroundings or the building.


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