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Are you looking for a handyman for half a week? Book a professional directly at Zoofy. No call-out costs or hassle with quotations.

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Do you have a larger project with several jobs? Easily book a handyman for half a week for a fixed price. You can hire our affiliated handymen for many different types of jobs. So you can have them assemble different types of furniture, get help with hanging furniture or accessories on the wall, installing spotlights and other simple electrical work. So if you have a smaller home and have a lot of odd jobs lying around, this is the ideal solution.

What jobs can I hire a handyman for?

A handyman is someone who does minor repairs and maintenance work in and around the house. This can range from hanging a shelf on the wall to replacing a leaky faucet. Handymen can also help replace light bulbs, hang curtains, repair leaks and maintain gardens. If you are unsure if a handyman is right for a particular job, you can always contact a handyman in your area to ask if they can do the job for you.

What does a fixed price mean?

A fixed price is a price that does not change regardless of circumstances. This means that if something has a fixed price, the buyer will always have to pay the same amount regardless of, for example, exchange rates or changes in demand for the product. This can be an advantage for the buyer because he or she knows what to expect in terms of cost. On the other hand, a fixed price can also mean that the seller has no flexibility to make adjustments to the price, for example, to reflect competition or market conditions.

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