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Hiring a handyman in Amsterdam

A handyman can save you a lot of time and distress when you want something fixed in your home. It is common for homeowners to try doing simple repairs and tasks in the house as DIY projects. However, handymen can do a better job of fixing broken things in the first round. Using a website like Zoofy makes it easy for you to meet qualified handymen in Amsterdam. Zoofy is a professional website that has an extensive network of skilled handymen all over Amsterdam.

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Install air bike
From €49 incl. vat
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From €49 per hour incl. vat
Based on prices of 3251 handymen in your area
Assemble a dresser
From €75 incl. vat
Based on prices of 5053 handymen in your area
Assemble a complete baby room two piece furniture set
From €225 incl. vat
Based on prices of 5054 handymen in your area
Assemble a complete baby room 3-piece furniture set
From €300 incl. vat
Based on prices of 4345 handymen in your area
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How does Zoofy find handymen?

Zoofy invites handymen from all over Amsterdam to submit their applications to become a part of the network. The handymen must be certified, have an insurance bond and agree to the terms and conditions of using Zoofy to find jobs. We are keen to ensure customers get the right handymen for their issues. The insurance bond covers injuries or property damage that may arise in the course of any project. The terms of Zoofy protect the customer from being exploited by a handyman.

What is the advantage of using Zoofy?

If you are wondering, "where can I find a handyman near me?" don't look any further than Zoofy. Zoofy can connect you to handymen near your location any day of the week. The website matches your needs to the best handymen to deal with your situation. You can reach us through your computer or phone from the comfort of your home. We guarantee a good job will be done for you. The professional assigned your project is not allowed to cut corners during the project.
Hiring a professional through Zoofy will allow you to get a good night's sleep, knowing that the work is done the right way. Some home utilities like electricity, water, sewerage, or gas lines are extremely sensitive and need to be in top condition always. We can pair you with a suitable professional when you have an emergency within 20 minutes. We understand that emergencies require a quick solution for damage control as the plumber finds a permanent solution.

Zoofy provides different payment options like iDeal, Tikkie, bank transfers, credit, and debit cards. You can choose the option that is convenient for you. The payments go to our account, and you can contact us if you get higher charges or something is wrong.

What is the average cost of a handyman in Amsterdam?

There are various tasks that handymen can do including repairs, maintenance, installing lights, assembling furniture, installing floors, hanging shelves or TV sets, painting, tiling, plastering, replacing windows, sinks wallpaper and moving items. The average cost of a professional in Amsterdam is €50-€55 per hour, which translates to €400-€440 per day for an 8-hr workday. You can enjoy a discount of €50 and above when you hire handymen for a whole day instead of an hourly basis.

Emergencies may cost a little more than reasonable rates, mainly because the workman may need to leave an ongoing project to attend to your emergency. You can call in an emergency any time of the day, and we will find someone to assist you.

How do you hire handymen via Zoofy?

You can hire handymen by following a few steps. You need to ask yourself, "What kind of handyman near me am I looking for?" There is a search box on the Zoofy website where you fill in the type of professional you want, zip code and the time. The zipcode helps our system to find the professional nearest to you. An email is sent to you confirming your request. Each step of the process, including billing, has communication via email.
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Zoofy serves different locations all over the city. You can find a professional in Amsterdam Centrum, Jordaan, Nieuw-West, and the 9 Streets, and other neighborhoods in Amsterdam. Zoofy simplifies the whole process of finding a professional for odd jobs. Do not stay with loose cabinets, leaky sinks, squeaky doors or other little irritating repairs and maintenance at home. A simple fix can turn into an expensive project when left for long unattended. You can do the whole process of hiring handymen in Amsterdam using your phone from any location.

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