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What do steel doors cost

Tuesday 28 December 2021

It is not for nothing that more and more people are choosing a steel door. Doors in steel are durable, easy to maintain and fit perfectly into a modern interior. But what are the costs for steel interior doors and what is the relation between steel doors and the price that goes with it? We, at Zoofy, explain it to you in this article.

Costs steel doors

You understand that we cannot tell you the exact cost of a steel door right away. This is because the costs for steel interior doors depend on the type of steel door you choose. Do you want a single door or do you dream of a double sliding door, do you want a steel door with glass and are you satisfied with a standard steel door or do you want one or more custom-made steel doors? All these factors play an important role in the final price.

Steel door prices: overview

Type of steel door Cost
Single door with hinges € 1,500 to € 2,400
Double door with hinges €3,500 to €5,500
Double sliding door with two sliding panels € 7,000 to € 9,500
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us. The steel door prices in the table above already take into account the VAT and additional costs for assembly.

Single door with hinges

If you would like to enjoy the luxury that a steel door exudes without having to spend too much money, you should opt for a single steel door. The single steel door price starts at € 1,500 and can increase to around € 2,400.

Double door with hinges

In order to minimise the inconvenience of draughts, it is a good idea to install a double door with hinges. Double steel doors can be placed anywhere, even in combination with floor heating. The steel door price for this type of door varies between € 3,500 and € 5,500.

Double sliding door with two sliding panels

A sliding door saves space and looks luxurious in any modern home. When you opt for a sliding door, our tradesman will have to install rails and either hide them or not (depending on your wishes). That is why the price of a steel door is significantly higher than that of a normal door. On average you will pay between € 7,000 and € 9,500 for a double steel sliding door.

Steel door price: other factors

In addition to the type of steel door, there are many other factors that will determine the final price of your steel door with glass. How big is the door, what kind of revolving mechanism does it have and what are your requirements for the finish?

1) Dimensions

The bigger your steel door is, the more you will pay. That makes sense. Would you like a matching side panel? Then you also pay more as the size of the side panel increases. You also have to make a choice between a steel door with standard dimensions or a custom-made door.

2) Swing mechanism

Pivot door

A pivot door is a steel door that can be opened to both the inside and the outside, usually to an angle of 90 degrees and with a self-determined speed for opening and closing. Pivot doors are mounted directly in the ceiling and in the floor and therefore cannot always be combined with underfloor heating. Because they are self-closing, you save a fair amount on heating costs. The steel door price in the case of a pivot door starts at € 2,500.

Hinged door

Steel hinged doors are in general more expensive than pivot doors because it is necessary to provide a steel frame. A wooden frame is not solid enough to carry a steel door. The door is hung in the frame with the help of hinges. The frame makes a hinged door close better than another steel door. The additional price for the frame starts at €100 and can run up to €1,200, depending on the type of steel, the size of the frame etc.

Sliding door

A sliding door is space-saving and works on the basis of a rail system. Depending on the desired finish (visible or invisible rails) and the type of rails, you will pay more or less for this type of steel door. Prices for the rails vary between €100 and €400.

3) Steel door with glass

Most people choose steel doors with hardened safety glass. There is both single and double toughened safety glass. For single tempered glass you pay between €300 and €400 per square metre. It goes without saying that the costs for steel doors with double hardened glass are higher. And the price for a steel door with glass is not only determined by the thickness of the glass but also by the type of glass. Would you like lacquered glass, insulating glass, solar control glass or are you satisfied with standard glass? All these elements influence the total price.

4) Finishing

For the finishing of your steel door, you have the choice of numerous possibilities. Do you want a steel door with handles, do you want a steel door with very many or very few surfaces, do you want your door powder coated or is standard clear lacquer good for you? The more extra options you want, the more you pay.

5) Steel interior or exterior door?

Besides steel interior doors, you can also choose to have your home fitted with a steel exterior door. An exterior door in steel is only useful if the door is properly insulated because steel naturally loses a lot of heat. And this insulating effect is obtained by providing steel external doors with double or even triple glazing. So you immediately understand why a steel exterior door has a higher price tag than a steel interior door.

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