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Costs painting interior doors

Monday 01 April 2024

Are you planning to paint your doors? Then you are probably very curious about what it will cost you to paint an interior door and what the options are. Below you will find the necessary information!

Why paint an interior door?

There are several reasons to paint your doors. First of all, there is the aesthetic aspect. An inner door that has just been painted looks much nicer than one whose paint is starting to peel off. A new color also has a positive impact on your interior.

But painting your door has another important function: the paint provides extra protection against wear and tear. This makes your doors last longer. In rooms where there is a lot of moisture, such as the bathroom and kitchen, a layer of paint will also protect against warping or mold.

Painting doors: the different possibilities

Whether you are going to paint doors with paint or overlay, there are endless possibilities in terms of color. It is important to know that nowadays it is mandatory for a professional to use water-based paint when painting. This does not apply to an individual. If you are going to paint your door yourself, you can also use synthetic paint.

The main difference between the two types of paint is that synthetic paint has a greater flowing capacity than water-based paint, but is worse for your health and discolors faster. So a water-based paint is strongly recommended. The best-known examples of water-based paints are latex and acrylic paints.

What is the best color to choose?

The best color for your doors obviously depends on what you personally like and on what matches your interior. However, for smaller rooms it is wise to paint the doors in a lighter shade.

When choosing the perfect color, also look at the color of the window frames. You can create the most beautiful look by choosing a color that matches these. Of course it is also possible to use multiple colors. For example, you can paint your window frames in a different color than the door itself to make it stand out more. If you totally do not know what to choose, the painter can advise you!

Costs of painting a door

You are probably very curious about the price of painting interior doors. However, this depends on a few factors. To determine an exact price for painting interior doors is therefore not easy. You can take into account the average cost of painting an interior door to get a good idea. These are between 75 and 125 euros. The price includes working hours and materials.

Average price indoor door painting

See below the prices of painting for one door. 

Doors painting 137 to 155 euros
Door frame painting 49 to 60 euros
Price factors for painting doors
To get an even better idea of what an interior door painting will cost you, it is important to know the price determining factors. We list them for you!

The type of door

One of the important pricing factors is the type of door you want to paint. For example, painting upright doors is more difficult than painting a flat paint door. This means that the painter will be working longer which means you will pay more.

The state of the door

The condition of your door also has an impact on the price. If your door is in bad shape, the painter will take longer. He must then apply extra layers of paint and/or sand the door extensively. This takes a lot of time. Also if the door has to be painted from a dark to light color, you pay more. In that case, several coats are also needed for a nice result.

Paint door frame or not?

If your door frames also need to be painted, then this will obviously cost you more. For this you pay between 40 and 60 euros extra. The doorframe painting costs are not standard in the price.

Paint type

The cost of painting a door, also depends on the type of paint. Especially if you plan to paint your doors yourself or if you provide the paint for the painter. Below is a price overview about the costs of the different types of paint.

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