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Costs 3-phase connection

Thursday 18 November 2021

Costs of 3 phase connection

The costs for a 3 phase connection are on average between €740 and €1,100 including VAT. If you only need to increase the capacity, you will pay between €200 and €300.

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What does a 3 phase connection cost?
The costs of a 3 phase connection depend on a number of factors. It may be that you already have a 3 phase connection but that you only need to increase the capacity. It may also be that you only have a 1 phase connection and that a new 3 phase connection needs to be installed. 

A three-phase connection is mainly installed for the use of appliances that require more than 230V. The price also depends on the length of the cable that has to be pulled and the electricity meter. Most homes have an electricity meter of up to 3 x 24 Amps. If the cable between the network and this meter box is longer than 35 metres, an extra length will be charged. This handy overview shows the estimated costs for connecting a new 3 phase connection.

Price structure 3 phase connection new.

Electricity meter Connection rate(excl. VAT) Extra length(per meter, excl. VAT)
Up to 3 x 25 A € 613.00 € 16.90
3 x 25 A up to 3 x 35 A € 748.00 € 16.90
3 x 35 A* to 3 x 50 A € 748.00 € 16.90
3 x 50 A up to 3 x 63 A € 895.00 € 21.70
3 x 63 A up to 3 x 80 A € 895.00 € 21.70
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

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