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Costs for placing a toilet

Wednesday 05 June 2024

You want to demolish your old toilet and have a new one installed. An important consideration here is: what are the costs for toilet installation in my situation? Zoofy offers the right professional for every job. Whether it's the plumber, who installs the drain for you. Or the tiler who fits your tiles tightly onto the walls. We can help.

Costs of replacing a toilet

Many houses have hanging toilets. But there are also houses where you still have a floor-standing toilet. Do you also want a hanging toilet? And are you curious about the question: how much will a wall-hung toilet cost in my situation? First of all, it depends on what you want to renovate. Do you want to go for a limited renovation? You can think of replacing the tiles or installing another toilet. But a larger renovation is also possible. From stripping the toilet and having everything newly installed, you decide. The costs for placing a toilet depend on the renovation wishes that you have. The more work and material is needed, the higher the costs will be.

It is wise to hire a professional to renovate your toilet. That way you can be sure that the connections are made properly. In addition, tiling and kitting is something the tiler can do perfectly for you. On average, toilet installation costs between €100 and €500. Curious about the costs of a complete toilet renovation? Then take a look at the price guide about the costs of a complete toilet renovation.

Cost overview toilet replacement costs

The cost table below gives an overview of the average costs for toilet replacement.

Removing the toilet €40 - €80
Fountain removal €10 - €30
Installing a water pipe €20 - €30
 Installing a sewer for a fountain €20 - €30
Mounting the complete toilet €100-€200
 Installing a toilet paper holder €10
 Faucet and fountain installation €50 - €100
Putty work €40 - €100
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

The above prices from the cost overview are average prices. It is possible that a craftsman charges a different hourly rate. Furthermore, costs such as tiles, the fountain, the tap and other materials are not included in the price. This cost overview is based on a toilet of 2 m2. It is wise to always ask the professional how much time he thinks is needed for the renovation of your toilet.

Explanation of costs for toilet replacing wall and wall tiles

On average the costs for the removal of wall and wall tiles are between €150 and €300. If you have a small toilet, you often spend less money than with a large toilet. The total square metres of your toilet are leading for the costs. The prices are based on a 2 m2 toilet. A larger toilet means more labour and materials. And therefore higher costs.

You may wish to remove the tiles from the wall yourself for budget reasons. Always discuss this with the professional. Demolishing the wall can lead to unintentional damage. This can lead to higher costs for the repair work. A damaged wall should first be treated, for example, with plaster. Are you not very handy but would you like to save money? Ask the tradesman what you can save on. You may be able to connect the toilet roll holder yourself.

Costs for placing a toilet, replacing or installing pipes

When you install a new toilet, it also requires something from the plumbing. A plumber is the professional who connects pipes. He can also connect taps. It is very important that the pipes are properly installed and also work optimally. This is to prevent leakage.

Do you choose to install a hanging toilet? The total costs for placing a hanging toilet depend on whether this toilet is placed in the old place. It may be that you have a toilet in the bathroom and prefer to install a new toilet in a separate room. This means that the plumber has more work.
The cost of installing pipes depends on these 2 factors:

If you opt for hot and cold water, it means that you will also have higher costs. This is because the plumber spends twice as much time installing cold and hot water. Do you choose only cold or hot water? Then this will save you a lot of money.

Placing a hanging toilet costs

Many people who install a hanging toilet also choose other tiles. The advantage of a hanging toilet is that it is easier to keep clean. You can also mop the floor tiles under the toilet bowl. Compared to a stand-alone toilet, a hanging toilet costs more. If there is already a hanging toilet in the room, the professional can also adjust it to the desired height. From a hygienic point of view, you can also choose to have a new toilet seat placed on the hanging toilet. For example when you move to another house.

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